All-Energy 2024

Key Trends Shaping the Renewables Industry in Glasgow

CTRM Cubed attended the All-Energy 2024 trade fair and exhibition this week in Glasgow. It is an annual fair for the renewable and low-carbon energy industries and one of the UK’s largest renewable energy events. We noted a few key areas: battery storage, hydrogen, and the ever-evolving landscape of the renewables industry.

Battery Storage Takes Center Stage

Battery storage has become a game-changer for renewable energy. With solar and wind generation fluctuating based on weather conditions, batteries provide a crucial solution for storing excess energy and releasing it when needed. All-Energy featured numerous exhibitors showcasing their latest battery storage technologies, from large-scale grid integration solutions to domestic battery systems for homes.

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The Rise of Hydrogen

Hydrogen emerged as a major talking point at the event. With its potential for clean energy storage and transportation, hydrogen is seen as a vital piece of the puzzle in achieving net-zero emissions. Through use of electrolysers that produce hydrogen from water to fuel cell vehicles powered by this clean fuel.

Beyond Batteries and Hydrogen: A Glimpse into the Future

While battery storage and hydrogen grabbed headlines, All-Energy offered a glimpse into the broader future of renewables. Discussions explored exciting new areas like floating offshore wind farms, advancements in solar panel technology, and the integration of renewable energy sources into smart grids.

A Call to Action for a Sustainable Future

The overall message at All-Energy was clear: the renewables industry is rapidly evolving, offering exciting solutions for a sustainable future. From innovative battery storage and hydrogen technologies to ever-more efficient renewable energy sources, the momentum towards a greener future is undeniable. The event served as a call to action for businesses, policymakers, and individuals to embrace these advancements and work together to achieve a low-carbon future.