Automating E-CTRM

Trading markets continue to evolve, and for most organisations, this means more active high-frequency trading. Within energy, this is driven by a move both towards algo trading, plus increased trading around assets.

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Data Science for CTRM using TradeCube

Trading organisations are increasingly using data science as a discipline to optimise and analyse the wealth of data available from CTRM platforms and elsewhere.

Traditionally, CTRM vendors have provided both standardised and customised reports as a primary data output from the system. The outputs were typically quite rigid and designed for an age where printed paper was the target medium.

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Discover self-service E/CTRM with TradeCube

CTRM software is complex. Why make it harder by needing a specialist team to manage and operate the system? TradeCube provides a self-service CTRM platform that reduces the need for operational support by providing a simple-to-use management interface and automating many of the previously manual tasks.

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Instant CTRM with TradeCube SaaS

TradeCube accelerates the pace of CTRM with its speed of delivery. From instant setup and instant deployment through to instant upgrades and lightning-fast API, TradeCube brings the benefits of multi-tenanted SaaS to CTRM. Even complex tasks such as setting up new environments is completed with a few clicks.

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Building The Ecosystem

Welcome to our first blog! Over the coming weeks and months we will be introducing you to the TradeCube E/CTRM, how our leading-edge technology plays a part in the CTRM market, and ultimately how we can help your business grow and expand. 

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