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TradeCube - Redefining E/CTRM

TradeCube is an instant setup, pre-configured self-service CTRM platform, ready for use out of the box. No long-term contract, no exorbitant fees, no fuss. Just sign-up and use.

Who is it for?

If you are trading energy, equities, currencies, or any broader commodity, TradeCube provides a reliable, secure platform for trade, portfolio and data management. Simple trade entry combined with powerful analytics allow you to track and manage your portfolio, mark-to-market, daily and cumulative profit and loss, and other key-metrics such as Value at Risk. 

How is TradeCube different?

TradeCube can run on any device with modern browser, so you are not tied to your desktop to use your CTRM platform. Running on Windows, Mac, Linux, tablets, and smartphones. 


Get up and running in moments with our    on-demand service. No technical skills          needed; no infrastructure required. Just sign-up and go with our pre-configured data package. 


TradeCube provides a reliable, scalable, CTRM platform without the usual fuss of installation and setup. Use any device from anywhere. Admin function are reduced to seconds, and updates are rolled out seamlessly behind the scenes. Start small and build out as you grow. 


TradeCube sits at the heart of an emerging ecosystem of web-enabled services for the Energy and Commodities sector. Easily connect TradeCube CTRM with other Web-service enabled platforms using on demand Web Services and event-driven Webhooks. Getting your data in and out of your CTRM system has never been easier, with a standardised REST API. 


Most frequent questions and answers

No time at all. Just complete the sign-up process, and your environment will be provisioned in minutes.

No, TradeCube is a 100% cloud SaaS platform, you don’t need to download or install anything. 

Yes, Each user’s dashboard is personal and configurable to their account. 

New users can be added by existing users with administration permissions using the invite code screen or users screen. Once the new user receives their invite code, they have 7 days to complete their registration.

Yes, the TradeCube platform and API use 256-bit TLS encryption throughout, and incorporates an industry-leading identity component for certification, account organisation and password protection.

Yes, TradeCube is designed for teams of any size. 

How Does It Work?

TradeCube from CTRMCubed is the world's first sign-up-and-go Commodity Trading and Risk Management System. A fully managed cloud SaaS solution with no setup fees, no long-term commitment, no upgrade costs, and a guaranteed service uptime guarantee. 

Open, Transparent Pricing

Get ready to manage your trading portfolio in seconds. Get started below to start your free trial.


Starting from


+ VAT / user / month / environment

Pay-as-you-go E/CTRM, ideal for business needing less than 20 seats.

A 30 day free trial is available for legitimate businesses requiring an E/CTRM solution. You must engage with CTRM Cubed during the period of the free trial to retain your free tier status. See Terms and Conditions for full details.

Users can be added and removed using the administrator control panel.

Additional environments can be created, cloned or restored from a backup.

Data and services are run on a high-availability environment with a minimum of three nodes for reliability. 

Get started instantly. Click the “Get Started” link to set up your account. 

No long-term contract – cancel anytime with 1 month’s notice. 

Need to cancel? No problem. Just email support@ctrmcubed.com and we will acknowledge your request to terminate any plan. 

Runs on shared infrastructure. 

Terms and Conditions are a standardised click-through agreement. 

Upgrades are provided at no additional cost.

Hosting is provided through Microsoft Azure at no additional cost, but excessive use may be chargeable. 

API calls are measured per UTC calendar month. Additional API calls are chargeable.

Professional plans are for corporate customers. We require a minimum of two users per month. There is no maximum numbers of users. 

Schedule or manually create system backups through the user interface. 

Email support is provided to all users. Office hours telephone support is also provided.    

The SLA guarantee rebates 20% of fees paid during any calendar month where monitoring falls below the target SLA. 


Starting from


+ VAT / month

Massively scalable E/CTRM, best for large organisations with custom needs.

We recommend enterprise users get started with the professional version if a trial is required. 

 Users can be added and removed using the administrator control panel.

Allowing additional environments to be created, cloned or restored from a backup. Enterprise also allows for unlimited to environments and no extra cost.

Configure as many nodes as needed for no extra cost. 

Provision as many nodes as required for increased performance and reliability. 

Environments are manually provisioned within 30 days of sign-up.

This plans involve extensive custom setup and therefore we require a 12 month minimum term.

Notice must be provided in writing to support@ctrmcubed.com and be acknowledged to terminate any plan.

This plan operates in a custom, private, single-tenanted Azure environment that allows for custom sizing and scaling. 

Allow for a negotiated contract.

 Upgrades can be scheduled.

Hosting is provided through Microsoft Azure. You can determine your own hosting needs and costs will be determined. 

Unlimited API calls are included.

Any number of users can be added at no additional cost.

Email support is provided along with telephone support during office hours. You can also extend support based on an agreed service arrangement.

Use our standard SLAs or negotiate your own custom SLA.

Enterprise plans include a free migration from an existing professional environment. 

Configure your service to meet your needs. 

Access is via your own custom domain. 

Choose when and how new releases are deployed. 

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