The Future of E/CTRM is Here
The Future of E/CTRM is here

A modern cloud E/CTRM designed for the future. Lightning fast, reliable and scalable, yet simple to get started and even easier to operate.

More than Just Trading
More than Just Trading

E/CTRM is no longer just trade capture and valuation. TradeCube combines these with powerful cube-based data analytics to help you better manage your data.

E/CTRM: Time to Level Up
E/CTRM: Time to Level Up

Do traditional Trading and Risk Management systems leave you a bit flat? Time to Level up! TradeCube is everything E/CTRM but without the usual headaches.

Embrace the Cloud
Embrace the Cloud

TradeCube runs entirely within Microsoft Azure-based cloud infrastructure. No need for costly infrastructure or complex implementation.

Adapt and Extend
Adapt and Extend

Unlock the power of your trading data through built-in ecosystem integration, and cloud-native API access.

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TradeCube is Instant Self Service Cloud Native Connected Convenient Automated Faster Intuitive Always on

TradeCube from CTRM Cubed is all these things and more. Step into the new era of E/CTRM with a cloud-based Trading and Risk Management platform. Best still, there are no hidden fees, no extra charges.

Key Capabilities

Trading and Risk

TradeCube delivers everything you would expect from a modern E/CTRM. Trade across different markets and commodities, assets and portfolios. Run complex market simulations and scenario models to determine key risk metrics.

Cube Analytics

TradeCube combines trading with powerful cube analytics. View, analyse and aggregate key data using the multi-dimensional cube viewer. Use Calculated Cubes to perform spreadsheet-like calculations directly on your data, automatically as the underlying data changes.

Easily Extendable

TradeCube’s plug and play model allows for straightforward extensibility, either through the App Store of partner applications, or using the comprehensive REST API to integrate to internal and external systems.

The TradeCube Difference

Taking the risk out of E/CTRM selection and implementation.

TradeCube from CTRM Cubed is the world’s first sign-up-and-go Commodity Trading and Risk Management System.

A fully managed cloud SaaS solution with no setup fees, no long-term commitment, no upgrade costs, no upgrade efforts, and a guaranteed service uptime guarantee. Perfect for organisations that just need an E/CTRM without the usual baggage.

For businesses that require more control over their infrastructure, TradeCube is also offered as an Enterprise version which can be licensee-managed and run on either public or private cloud infrastructure.

Easy to get started

Get up and running in minutes – not months. TradeCube comes with over 100,000  pre-configured data items, including trading parties, commodities, products, markets, currencies and venues.

TradeCube provides an open, honest, straightforward pricing structure, offering fair pricing regardless of the size of the organisation. You just pay a low per-user per-month fee for each operational environment, ensuring that spend is not only affordable, it’s predictable as well.

Easy to keep going

Your monthly fee includes access to the platform, database, ongoing upgrades, client support … in a word – everything. We support the infrastructure, environment, servers, and databases, so you don’t have to.

The administration panel allows admin users to self-manage their environments. Adding users or performing backups can be done from an admin screen with a couple of clicks. Schedule activities to run at specific times and get notified via built-in email and on-screen alerts.

Key Benefits

Simple to use

TradeCube offers a straightforward browser-based interface for all functions, trading, risk, cube analytics and admin functions. The carefully thought-out screen designs, coupled with intuitive one-click actions make TradeCube simple to use.

Simple to operate

TradeCube operates an event-driven architecture which constantly checks for alerts, events, or changes in underlying data. Set up schedules to run routine operations, and use the management-by-exception approach to get notified by on-screen or email alerts.

Simple to integrate

Use the CTRM Ecosystem App Store to extend the platform capabilities with our ecosystem partners. The platform includes extensive Excel integration for importing / exporting data. You can also build your own custom web services / microservices and integrate directly with the TradeCube API.


The platform runs in High Availability Azure Kubernetes Service environment, eliminating single point-of-failure errors within the cluster. If any part of the platform fails, services are redistributed to other nodes to maintain rock-solid reliability.


Under heavy workloads, the system will automatically scale out additional resources to meet processing demand, and scale back once completed, ensuring the best possible response times for the platform.


TradeCube offers lightning-fast performance, with a lightweight microservices architecture underpinned by .Net 6 – the fastest .Net yet.
This is enhanced with triplicated high-redundancy database servers and SSD-backed storage.

CTRM Ecosystem

Enhance your TradeCube capability with a range of components from our CTRM Ecosystem partners, available from our App Store. Each of the CTRM Ecosystem vendors hold a common vision of integrated, best-in-class systems combined to enhance and complement the product offering. Cherry-pick the components you need, rather than paying for a monolithic platform to use a fraction of the features.

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Service status

Our platform is monitored every minute of every day to ensure the highest availability. Check our status page for the latest statistics.

CTRM Cubed Limited registered in England and Wales (number 10728615) Registered address: Lake View House, Wilton Drive, Tournament Fields, Warwick, CV34 6RG.