Building the decentralised CTRM Ecosystem

Why the CTRM market needs TradeCube

Welcome to our first blog! Over the coming weeks and months we will be introducing you to the TradeCube E/CTRM, how our leading-edge technology plays a part in the CTRM market, and ultimately how we can help your business grow and expand. 

This week’s blog focuses on the CTRM Ecosystem and why we are different to most established venders.

Your CTRM platform is a key part of the value proposition for any firm trading commodities. An established view tilted the market towards products and vendors that provide a one-stop-shop approach; everything provided by a single vendor. 

In a previous age of centralised and vertically-integrated trading organisations, this worked well. However, the market is evolving, and more smaller specialist firms are entering the market, be it traders, asset owners, intermediaries, software vendors and many others. 

A Cloud-native approach simplifies integration

Rather than choosing a monolithic CTRM platform that “does everything”, there is an increasing move to using smaller, more agile software providersThe facilitator for this is the move to cloud-based computing, and the key to building the decentralised future is in standardised connectivity.  

That’s why at CTRM Cubed we have built TradeCube as fully cloud-native platform, with a comprehensive REST API allowing connectivity to other platforms, as well as built in web services and webhooks functions to automate the process. This cloud-native approach simplifies integration with other specialist cloud vendors using standardised web services. 

Clients are welcome to take our standard product, or combine it with a growing list of other cloud products if their needs require it. Each ecosystem component is using specialist vendors focused on their line of business, be it pricing, forecasting, scheduling or other key components. 

The ecosystem benefits are clear: you are only paying for the components you need, saving cost, and many of the cloud platforms are offering rapid or even instant setup.  

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