All Energy 2024

CTRM Cubed attended the All-Energy 2024 trade fair and exhibition this week in Glasgow. It is an annual fair for the renewable and low carbon energy industries and one of the UK’s largest renewable energy event. We noted a few key areas: battery storage, hydrogen, and the ever-evolving landscape of the renewables industry.

Another successful event at E-World 2023

E-world is an event for the energy industry that brings together a diverse range of professionals from around the globe. It offers a platform to network, showcase their products and services, and learn about the latest trends and innovations in the energy sector.

Expanding TradeCube Integration

CTRM Cubed is delighted to announce a new CTRM Ecosystem partnership with Ventriks, a cloud data technology company, providing integration between the Ventriks Cloud Data Platform and CTRM Cubed’s TradeCube – a cloud-based Trading and Risk Management platform.

CTRM Cubed attend E-World 2022

The annual event in Germany, the first since February 2020, saw the crowds return for a “warm” return in the Essen summer.

The E-world exhibition remains firmly on the map, and the importance of face-to-face contact with customers, partners, suppliers, and industry colleagues remains strong.

CTRM Cubed discuss how TradeCube tackles ETRM industry challenges

CTRM Cubed were invited to be part of the recent ETRM Educational mini-series podcast. Listen or watch as we discuss how TradeCube is a key component in the next generation of ETRM, combining “traditional” ETRM capability with powerful cube data analytics.
Find out how cloud delivered, multi-tenanted SaaS ETRM tackles some of the legacy issues in the sector.

CTRM Cubed attend ETOT

The recent ETOT conference, part of Energy Trading Week, allowed CTRM Cubed to demonstrate their TradeCube SaaS E/CTRM alongside CTRM Ecosystem partner Fidectus, at the event at London’s Chelsea Football Stadium.

Instant CTRM in the cloud

Over the years, there has been a growing realization that building a commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) solution is not a trivial task. Indeed, quite the opposite. It is a hugely complex piece of software that can never seem to meet all the varied needs of all the different types of companies buying and selling commodities around the globe.

Disruptive Technologies in Commodities

We see the decentralization of technology as a key theme over the coming years, delivered through several separate but related mechanisms. Decentralization is a progression of factors we have seen in recent years: the adoption of AI and algorithmic trading, blockchain and related technologies such as smart contracts; and a move from monolithic to ecosystem platforms. Decentralization becomes attractive to the commodity industry, primarily as a technology enabler, and in turn as a cost and risk reducer.