Expanding TradeCube integration - Ventriks Data Platform

CTRM Cubed extend their Integration Network through a Partnership with Ventriks

CTRM Cubed is delighted to announce a new CTRM Ecosystem partnership with Ventriks, a cloud data technology company,  providing integration between the Ventriks Cloud Data Platform and CTRM Cubed’s TradeCube – a cloud-based Trading and Risk Management platform.

Ventriks offers a centralised solution for sourcing, procuring and accessing market data, constructing forward curves, managing data streams, and advanced business process automation. Ventriks offers control and transparency over a client’s data processes, along with a resilient and unified solution to bolster their trading and risk operations.

CTRM Cubed’s TradeCube platform combines traditional Trading and Risk Management components of E/CTRM, with a comprehensive Cube Data Analytics system that enables portfolio business to manage and track trades, assets, prices, portfolios and more. Delivered as a fully cloud-based offering, the platform can be set up in seconds, not months.

The availability of a pre-built connector in the TradeCube E/CTRM Platform will allow users to easily access Ventriks Data Marketplace and Data Platform, which includes market prices, fundamentals, weather and FX data. The tightly coupled integration accelerates the client project go-live timetable whilst mitigating data flow and integration risks.

control and transparency over a client’s data processes

Ventriks Data Platform (VDP) is a cloud-native and cloud-agnostic solution, built for data teams by data teams, that enables users to work and collaborate with any data, unbounded by scale, performance, and flexibility. VDP offers a faster and more efficient platform to ingest, transform, and orchestrate data workloads with no-code data connectivity and engineering, automated inter-application workflow and powerful data targeted components.

We are thrilled about the potential benefits that this fresh collaboration offers to both our companies, comments Richard Quigley, CEO Ventriks. This bi-directional integration allows CTRM Cubed clients to easily consume market data across all asset classes as well as using the Ventriks Data Platform for multiple data workloads, such as data storage, data integration, data compute and other data related activities.

Simon Piercy, CEO CTRM Cubed commented “We are excited to collaborate with Ventriks offering a solution that contributes to and amplifies our range of services for clients. CTRM Cubed prioritises providing exceptional client service and software through innovation, partner ecosystem, continual client feedback, and this new relationship is a perfect match as we collaborate closely to develop and implement new, advanced capabilities in the forthcoming months.”

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