Discover self-service E/CTRM with TradeCube

TradeCube makes E/CTRM simpler with self-service and management by exception.

CTRM software is complex. Why make it harder by needing a specialist team to manage and operate the system? TradeCube provides a self-service CTRM platform that reduces the need for operational support by providing a simple-to-use management interface and automating many of the previously manual tasks.

Need to backup or restore a database – no problem – all done with just a few clicks in the management panel. Not a database administrator in sight. Even configuring interfaces to 3rd party systems is done through configurable web services and webhooks.

Configurable web services and webhooks

Need to get data in and out? That’s all covered by the comprehensive API as well as a configurable Excel import/export interface. 

TradeCube supports management by exception, issuing alerts instantaneously to your browser, or emails to your device if something is amiss.

Discover the next era of CTRM. 100% cloud-delivered, multi-tenanted SaaS platform for Energy and Commodity Trading and Risk Management. Don’t take our word for it, sign up in seconds at

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