E/CTRM integration has never been easier

TradeCube simplifies integration, using Web Service APIs as a common platform to enable communications and data exchange between different applications and systems within the cloud-based ecosystem

TradeCube’s E/CTRM system ensures seamless transfer of trading and related data to provide a fully integrated SaaS platform. This provides a reliable and effective solution for traders and organisations seeking to manage their trading operations with enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

Legacy systems often have complex and limited system interfaces, requiring specialist knowledge and esoteric programming languages.

TradeCube on the other hand provides a comprehensive REST API, which allows access to the entire system using your preferred software language. This simplifies integration with other applications and data sources, including TradeCube’s growing CTRM Ecosystem.

TradeCube: CTRM reinvented

In addition, TradeCube’s REST API provides the same access control and audit capabilities as the main TradeCube User Interface.

These integration services offer a wide range of benefits to businesses, including cost-effectiveness, improved performance, and enhanced flexibility. These services are designed to seamlessly integrate various systems, software, and applications to ensure that they work together efficiently.

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