Our Ecosystem Partners

Enegen provides distinct but associated and connected applications to the power industry.

Genstar4 has been supporting organisations with their UK Balancing Mechanism entry and participation for over twenty years. ATOM is a relatively new development for the DER (Distributed energy resources) market.

ATOM is effectively multiple virtual power plants that are integrated to work together.

ATOM offers users the ability to switch on and off many assets, aggregate them and trade their output optimally.

ATOM uses algorithms to commercially optimise which assets to schedule, when and into what market.

Enegen works extensively with its partner network where its ATOM application connects to ETRM systems, Control systems, market prices and industry flows (which are not addressed by Genstar4).

An example of this collaboration is the provision of an integrated suite of software and services for new entrants wishing to set up trading and optimisation ‘desks’.

Enegen - More than the sum of its parts - a complete solution

The Genstar4 suite helps traders balance their portfolios and generators, aggregators, VLPs and asset operators to participate in the balancing mechanism and TERRE markets and interact with National Grid ESO via EDT, EDL or Wider Access.

Why is Genstar4 the most widely used BM dispatch system?

  • Genstar4 is the most competitively priced BM solution on the market.
  • Genstar4 is the most preferred solution by traders.
  • Genstar4 mitigates operational risk by proactively notifying the user or/and third-party system on any data change.
  • Genstar4 AutoBMTM provides a fully automated intelligent BM solution reducing resource costs and erroneous submissions.
  • Genstar4 includes as standard API connectivity for all import and export data significantly reducing implementation time, cost and risk.
  • Genstar4 is the first proprietary solution to provide Wider Access API communications to NGESO and has successfully completed the NGESO test process in under 2 months.

Genstar4 delivers the following general benefits to the industry. Genstar4:

  • Can be used remotely on individual laptops or on a shared computer.
  • Performs auto-accept BM instructions using AutoBMTM. It can send the instruction to the control system so that an instruction is never missed.
  • Has auto-accept configuration which enables the user to auto accept an agreed selection of instructions whilst requiring user interaction for others (e.g. based on tolerances or by BMU).
  • Performs automatic alerting when credit level goes above the specified threshold.
  • Allows the user to check and interrogate their Elexon notification miss-matches.
  • Fully automates the calculation and submission of ETR and Remit files to the NGESO MODIS system meaning it is a background activity.
  • Offers Submission Libraries to allow quick resubmission to NGESO when the asset parameters need changing.
  • Delays the dynamic data sent to NGESO so that you the user can set up future asset strategies that will automatically enable when required.
  • Allows control room management to allow specified users to only see selected assets.
  • Displays price changes in bid and offer data which is easily understood and assimilated.
  • Requires only 8 clicks to create and send BMU specific BM price and volume from a blank page to every period submitted for the time range specified.
  • Requires only 5 clicks to change BM prices and only 4 clicks to change BM volumes.
  • Supports revenue stacking with DC (Dynamic Containment).
  • Has content rich displays with easy zoom in and out to any granularity.
  • Includes easy and accurate tool tips on all charts.
  • Integrates with Enegen’s ATOM software facilitating aggregated BMU scheduling and optimisation based on optimal profitability should the client’s portfolio grow.

Trading Optimisation and Asset Scheduling Software for Decentralised Electricity Markets.

The dramatic evolution of the decentralised electricity generation market continues to present new opportunities and challenges for participants. Opportunities exist for asset operators, generators and aggregators of portfolios of production and consumption assets to trade power availability on the EPEX day ahead and intraday exchanges and participate in the Balancing Mechanism. With the move towards smaller, geographically dispersed, distribution connected assets, the scheduling of trades across a large portfolio of assets of various technology types becomes ever more complex and challenging whilst delivering opportunities for further trading.

  • Tracks market prices and asset running costs to deliver a real time period or EFA block display of buy and sell trading opportunities on the day ahead and intraday exchanges supporting automatic submission of offers to EPEX and cross trading of profitable opportunities.
  • Provides flexibility to enable traders to organise and group their asset portfolios as required including trading books, customer groups, GSP groups, BMUs and the assets themselves.
  • Supports the creation and maintenance of asset properties, characteristics and scheduling rules and the import or calculation of the asset’s short run marginal costs.
  • Provides real time displays of availability and scheduled position at any level, allows offers to be submitted to EPEX and the BM and supports algorithmic scheduling of traded position and orders across assets based on scheduling and market.

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