Our Ecosystem Partners

Do more of what you do best by reducing risk and freeing up liquidity in your energy trading relationships.

There is value tied up in your energy post trading supply chain. If you can get to it, you can use it to grow your business, invest in innovation and create new products.

Fidectus’ Global Energy Network offers you OTC tailored post trading services and financing solutions. You can benefit of automated cross-company workflows around confirmations, settlements, nettings and payments. You can manage exceptions in no time. You can reduce your settlement risk. You have full control and transparency through one unified platform seamlessly integrated with CTRM Cubed. And you can benefit of financing solutions on what you need at any given point in time – Discounting, Factoring or Reverse Factoring.

Your business benefits:

  • Achieve straight-through-processing in your energy post trading.
  • Unify intra- and cross-company collaboration.
  • Seamlessly report, confirm, settle and net trades, track payments for physical and financial products.
  • Pay earlier, get paid earlier, pay later, get paid later or negotiate partial payments.
  • Reduce your operational cost and risk.
  • Reduce your settlement risk.
  • Relieve trading limits quicker.
  • Optimize your cash flows and untie capital.
  • Avoid negative interest rates.
  • Increase your operating profitability.

Why Fidectus?

  • Choose a leading enterprise cloud platform jointly developed with traders and brokers.
  • Apply the best in class cloud technology and benefit from security, scalability and flexibility.
  • Enjoy the best in class user experience and don’t waste time with documentation and trainings.
  • Plug and play cloud solution with full bidirectional integration to CTRM Cubed.
  • Choose a well-known and established challenger bringing thought leadership and innovation to you.

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