Freeing-up your ETRM decision

Why a trial makes all the difference

Choosing the right ETRM system is a critical decision for any commodity trading business. It impacts everything from operational efficiency to risk mitigation, and the cost of getting it wrong can be substantial. ETRM selection has traditionally been subject to a complicated (and long) RFP process shrouded in complexity and limited access. We discuss why free trials are a game-changer for buyers, especially when combined with a fixed monthly fee and flexible contract terms.

The Incumbent Challenge: Limited Visibility, High Risk

Many incumbent ETRM vendors rely on lengthy demos and proposals, often leaving you with a theoretical understanding but no hands-on experience. This approach presents several challenges:

  • Limited Functionality: Demos are carefully curated presentations, not true reflections of everyday use. You might not see the system’s true capabilities or how it integrates with your workflows.
  • Hidden Costs: Customisation requirements often become apparent only after signing a contract, leading to unexpected costs and project delays.
  • Difficult User Evaluation: Getting key users to assess a complex system based on a demo is challenging. They need to understand the user interface, test functionalities, and identify potential pain points.

TradeCube: CTRM reinvented

The free trial advantage: experience before you invest

A free trial flips the script on the traditional ETRM evaluation process. Here’s how it empowers buyers, especially when combined with a fixed monthly fee structure:

  • Hands-on exploration: Get your team working directly with the software. Explore features, test functionalities, and see how it integrates with your existing systems and workflow.
  • Identify Customisation requirements: A trial allows you to identify areas that might require customisation during the selection phase itself, avoiding post-contract surprises.
  • User buy-in: Empower your team to assess the system’s usability and suitability for their daily tasks. This fosters user buy-in and reduces resistance to change.
  • Informed Decision-making: With a trial, you base your decision on real experience, not just presentations. You will enter the procurement purchase process with a clear understanding of the solution’s strengths and weaknesses, and how it will impact your business.

Flexibility and Predictability: The ETRM Sweet Spot

The combination of a free trial and a fixed monthly fee with a flexible contract offers the ideal for companies seeking a modern SaaS solution. You get to thoroughly evaluate the ETRM system before committing, whilst avoiding the burden of long-term contracts with unpredictable costs. This approach empowers you to:

  • Scale as your business grows: With a fixed monthly fee, your ETRM expenses scale predictably with your business needs. No upfront licensing costs or hidden fees.
  • Embrace agility: Flexible contract terms allow you to adjust your ETRM solution as your business evolves, ensuring you always have the tools you need to stay competitive.

Taking Control of Your ETRM Journey

In today’s dynamic commodity trading landscape, agility and informed decision-making are paramount. Free trials offered by forward-thinking ETRM providers like CTRM Cubed, coupled with a fixed monthly fee structure, represent a shift in power towards the buyer. Don’t settle for limited visibility – demand a trial and take control of your ETRM journey, with the flexibility and predictability your business needs to thrive.