Reducing Spreadsheet Risk with TradeCube

Don't leave trading to chance - TradeCube offers an affordable E/CTRM platform.

Spreadsheets are an invaluable tool for any business. The ability to systemise a business process quickly and easily with standard desktop software is empowering.

It is entirely understandable that fledgling trading organisations or departments will start their E/CTRM journey on spreadsheets. Initial trading volumes are small, and strategies can be coded on the fly to meet the needs of the day.

Over time, the humble trading spreadsheet will take on a life of its own and becomes a pivotal part of the trading infrastructure. Invariably the limitations will start to unravel at some point down the track.

As the size and complexity starts to grow, minor errors become compounded as cut and paste becomes standard business process. What started as innocuous formula errors now become intractable defects, with audit, versioning and security are rarely built-in.

Avoid misrepresented information

Studies have shown 88% of corporations who still use spreadsheets contain human error, these errors were almost completely avoidable if using software such as TradeCube. Even for companies with a modest commodity trading operation, errors in spreadsheets can lead to misrepresented information and trading decisions which ultimately can prove costly.

TradeCube SaaS E/CTRM allows organisations to systemise their portfolio at the start of the trading journey, rather than having to go through the pain of the inevitable complex migration later.
Simple to set up, affordable, and with no long-term contracts, TradeCube provides both trade and portfolio management, alongside comprehensive data analytics.

And, yes, you can export your TradeCube data to a spreadsheet … if you must!

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