The E-World That Wasn't

Is digital and online the future for exhibitions?

EWorld is an event celebrating the world of Energy and Water. Hosted in Essen, Germany each year it brings in exhibitors from over 25 nations and hosted an impressive total of over 800 exhibitors. But for 2021 It wasn’t to be. 

What would normally be a huge interaction of businesses and consumers across multiple exhibition halls was originally pushed back three months to May 2021and it has now been announced the event has been cancelled for 2021. 

CTRM Cubed have been regular visitors to E-World over the years, using it as a great opportunity to meet industry contacts, colleagues, partners, and other businesses, and getting a closer look at the latest trends and fads in the industry. In recent years we have seen the surge in take-up electric transport; not just cars, but all types of vehicles, including a stand last year with an electric surfboardMore recent years have focused on all things cloud and IoT (Internet of Things). 

Is there a possibility of moving conference online?

E-World has always excelled in the quality of venue, stands and participants. This in turn encouraged more attendees, despite the often chilly winter weather; but an E-World without the crowds just wouldn’t do the exhibition justice.  

With E-world cancelled, is there a possibility of moving conferences online? Conference organisers have been pushing digital events; but the experience feels lacking. You can’t just bump into old colleagues and acquaintances while strolling virtual halls. Virtual may be cheaper and more convenient, it just isn’t as good as the real thing. 

We did get the chance to join some Teams-based virtual booths – set up by some companies; with new features to create virtual booths and it was a good opportunity to catch up, albeit in a slightly more limited way. 

Despite the costs and time involved in exhibiting, hotels, flights, taxis and the rest, and the general more to making everything digital, E-world has a great future, and with pent-up demand, 2022 might be the biggest and best event yet.   

If you can’t wait until 2022 to meet the team and get a demonstration of TradeCube, just contact us via the website or our social media. We’ll be happy to talk – even if it is on Teams. 

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