TradeCube integrates Document Hub

TradeCube has announced the addition of a Document Hub to its comprehensive software offering

CTRM Cubed are pleased to announce that Document Hub has been successfully added to our TradeCube platform, further enhancing the product’s capabilities.

Document Hub allows documents, files and spreadsheets to be uploaded and stored from both internal and external parties.

Users can easily upload, view, and manage documents centrally across the trading organisation.

Data-bearing documents such as spreadsheets, CSV and similar files can be automatically processed immediately on receipt and loaded into TradeCube’s Data Analytics components via a configurable importer, or powerful web services which support more complex analysis.

Manage entire trade lifecycles with a single platform

External trading and data partners can submit data directly into the Document Hub via email attachment, SFTP or via TradeCube’s API.

Further building on the Microsoft Azure architecture that underpins the TradeCube Cloud, documents are stored and processed in Azure Blob Storage, while being centrally managed within the TradeCube ETRM.

The integration of the Document Hub into TradeCube is part of CTRM Cubed’s ongoing efforts to provide its clients with the most innovative solutions to enhance and streamline their trading operations.

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