Breaking Boundaries: Innovative Contract Terms for rolling monthly agreement

CTRM Cubed offer a unique take on lengthy and complex software agreements that can take weeks to review and close

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, E/CTRM solutions play a pivotal role in the landscape of generators, traders and suppliers. Businesses are seeking adaptable, cost-effective, and scalable solutions to meet their ever-changing needs as the market decarbonises.  

Traditional long-term contracts with hefty commitments are gradually becoming outdated, giving rise to a new era of no-commitment software agreements. 

TradeCube: CTRM reinvented

CTRM Cubed believe that innovative contract terms can reshape the way businesses engage with their E/CTRM vendors, to provide flexibility and freedom. Our groundbreaking approach is the adoption of monthly fee structures with no long-term commitments. This model not only aligns with the dynamic nature of the energy and commodity markets but also empowers organizations to adapt to changing circumstances with ease. 

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