CTRM Cubed adds Power BI integration to TradeCube

Combining TradeCube’s sophisticated E/CTRM together with Microsoft’s Power BI

TradeCube already powers the next generation of cloud SaaS E/CTRM business analytics with its Cube Analytics platform.

CTRM Cubed are delighted to announce Cube BI, our latest CTRM Ecosystem integration, connecting TradeCube to Microsoft Power BI. Through this direct integration, TradeCube users can now access their trading and analytics data, either through the TradeCube platform, or now via the extensive visualisations offered by Power BI.

TradeCube: CTRM reinvented

With the data surfaced in Power BI, a wide range of visually stunning charts, graphs, and maps can be created. These visualizations are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs and branding.

Power BI visualizations are highly interactive. Users can click, hover, and drill down into data points to explore details and uncover hidden insights.

In addition, Power BI can integrate with data from other parts of the business to provide a more integrated data platform.

For more information on CTRM Cubed, TradeCube and Cube BI, visit ctrmcubed.com.

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