Get started with TradeCube in 3 simple steps

CTRM Cubed redefine the E/CTRM implementation approach, making the process quicker and simpler. TradeCube cloud E/CTRM makes getting started as easy as 1 .. 2 .. 3!

E/CTRM implementation has traditionally been a complex exercise, often requiring man-years of effort, and at great expense. TradeCube breaks through this barrier by providing a simple and straightforward route to getting started with the platform.

CTRM Cubed provide a free trial period to assist in getting started. During the trial period, each client is guided through the configuration steps based on their needs, and there is no cost commitment

TradeCube: CTRM reinvented

TradeCube is a fully-cloud SaaS platform, meaning no hardware, software, databases, or infrastructure to worry about. To get started for free, simply follow the three-step quick start guide at

The platform comes pre-configured with a host of useful data configurations, and the initial environment setup takes seconds, not months.

If you would like a demo before getting started, you can request one here

TradeCube: CTRM reinvented

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